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November 2, 2014

Prank Call Coupons?


So most of us have heard of Prank Dial but for those who have not the explanation is pretty simple. It is a website where you can pick a prank call scenario and it does all the work for you while you listen or watch. There have been some pretty elaborate ideas that have come from this company.  If you sign up you get to pick from hundreds of options and can do 2 pranks a day for free. Any pranks beyond that you will be charged for. Today when I was looking to save $2 on my purchase of 80 pounds of potassium nitrate and 2000 pounds of high grade cow manure I found that Prank Dial has a coupon page on So if you are the market for sweet deals on prank calls you play no role in then these coupons are for you!

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