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RBCP – The Snow Plow Show

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The Snow Plow Show is hosted sporadically by RBCP. Sometimes there are a couple shows a week and sometimes you won’t see a show for a while. Just like PLA Radio and The Phone Show, this show focuses on pranks, hax0ring, and whatever else the PLA (Phone Losers of America) are currently up to. Shows are often influenced by the listeners in the PCN chat room.



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Latest Episodes

The Carlito and RBCP Homeowners Association

rbcp : March 21, 2015 8:30 pm : Podcast, RBCP

rich texas neighborhood

Here’s a show with Carlito, RBCP, Dwight and JagTV, where we call residents of an affluent Texas neighborhood and make fun of their hobo houses, fully funded, sponsored, produced and directed by Ossi.  All of the numbers called in this show were submitted by Tycoon.  Thanks, Ossi and Tycoon!

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