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Live Show Schedule: PartyTime Live Prank Calls weekly at 1pm est (Random day)


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Newest Podcasts

  • Plan B Vitamins – 01/14/2023 Show (1/19/2023) - We're trying to find a ample supply of Plan B to support the needs of the wife machines, we find out the fone is inside of me , the columbia house records is after us , the hotel room is leaning to one side , i can't get a break after leaving the small room , the potato eaters can't catch a break.
  • Curse Of The Poverty Phone – 12/17/2022 Show (12/29/2022) -
  • Fornication In The Parking Lot – 12/10/2022 Show (12/29/2022) - did someone leave a message 10 years ago ? , Dwight The Sanitation Criminal makes an order, fucking on a professional level classes , Dewrite was a c-section baby , the christmas wrapping is aggressive , my dogs butthole is exposed , a gay devil demon is looking for boba tea , a man teaches me how to suck boba but i'm not gay , a man doesn't orgasm right after prison , if you ain't married you don't sex in a hotel.
  • Walk-In’s Only – 12/24/2022 Show (12/29/2022) - Faxing slices of cheese, woody is trying to protect kim from a childhood stalker , a junk car turns into a homophobiac conversation , we find out not taking reservations means i ain't gay , an indian inn keeper threatens to kill Dwight, a gift is hidden inside a hotel bed, we try to scam hotels into crowd funding.
  • TikTok Influencer: Will It Flush ? – 12/03/2022 Show (12/7/2022) - Shoutout to the Patreons , playing will it flush while live streaming on TikTok , we try to barter in order to get the cookies, finding out how the tractor seat smells , the ads of course are STILL UP , the poor people were using the restrooms.
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