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Live Show Schedule: PartyTime Live Prank Calls weekly at 1pm est (Random day)


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Newest Podcasts

  • Tuna Panties – 6/7/2019 (8/1/2020) - In this show, Carlito calls complainers, Legend chats about the weather, Dirty Aaron calls in to talk about falafels, JagTV is stroking it, Carlito gets in a few car accidents, a caller is worried that the prank call meetup is a joke, you can now find Madhouse Live on Spotify, Dwight and Carlito go to […]
  • And What Will That DO !? – 07/25/2020 Show (7/29/2020) - Well we run into a real wild bunch this show ! A woman is running a Postmates criminal ring to get free food and money refunded , some tinfoil hat man hides in his bathtub from Dwight & the lasers , we touch base with Ken Knee again since he thinks we've cloned him and took over his life, a very good sister is trying to get her siblings out of prison in Miami and Dwight has some solutions for this. Special Thanks To Nik Caesar & MST3Claye For The Show Art ! Make Sure To Listen Live !…
  • Does Your Father Kiss You On The Mouth !? – 07/18/2020 Show (7/22/2020) - Dwight stole a woman's moped and tries to barter with her in order to get the keys to the damn thing from her. An argument happens with a front desk man and Dwight's BITCH (lilevilneo) takes him to task. We accidently call a hotel that has been transformed into a women's COVID 19 homeless center. We call some hussy who went on a reality T.V. show called "Love Is Blind" . We try to deliver some old ass man some door dash food and he gets all mad. Then finally we break a tv in a hotel and ask the…
  • NEON’s Fuck Prank Calls 6 Year Anniversary SHOW!! (7/21/2020) - Happy Anniversary to NEON brought to you by NEON and all for NEON! Thank you to all my supporters for the 6 years of NEON calls. Support those who support you through the pick-ups and hang-ups. We have lots of pick-up/hang-ups. NEON talks to a guy about dinner and being friends. More wellness checks to […]
  • Dad Kisses Daughter On The Mouth (7/18/2020) - Dwight's complaining about his room that a daughter and father run and well the questions get complicated very quickly. Special Thanks To Nik Caesar & MST3Claye For The Show Art ! Make Sure To Listen Live ! Saturdays 10 PM EST 7 PM PST: Donations: Patreon: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter – Discord:
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