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Live Show Schedule: PartyTime Live Prank Calls weekly at 1pm est (Random day)


Prank Call Nation Shows

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Newest Podcasts

  • You Suck A Good Crawfish – 02/18/2023 Show (3/2/2023) - we wreck a car down in daytona beach for the races , the urgency at the cvs is nonexsistant , i try to explain i'm on the spectrum but the guy won't understand me , a woman wishes my family members a peaceful death , theres a weird weekend at the hotel with the crawfish, several voicemails are left.
  • The Horse In My Mouth – 02/04/2023 Show (2/15/2023) - the unfortunate news of TheReturded passing is relayed to the masses , were locating the wireless bras and figuring out how to hook them up to the router, a ninja school in australia won't train dwight to fight children , random aggressive voicemails are left , a baby diaper laundering service dropped a payload on the roof of a house , finding a dog collar for the fat wife , milking the grease from a fat girls skin , the nuts are loose in the walls.
  • Security Forces – 01/28/2023 Show (2/15/2023) - The meat drippin' are a plenty with the cheeseburgers, Eddie wants to play a little game of marco polo with the phone location, Sebastian the gay devili pops in on a few conversations , the food truck break in was unsuccessful, no meat grissle burgers are available, the sheets in the room are undercooked, a man makes the wheels on the bus with his mouth, the wife breaks down the god damn door again while i'm busy cheating.
  • The Return To Brooklyn, NY – 01/21/2023 Show (2/15/2023) - Dwight goes smooth faced for the show , Jeffery gets a compliment and then ends up getting fired, the man planning on going off roading with his prius orders to many hitches , a restaurant put my number online and they won't stop ordering food, the wife needs her Plan B and BBC for her insomnia , a Dick Pig is loose in the room, were recharging Tesla's from the motel room for a fee.
  • The Shower Sauce – 02/11/2023 Show (2/15/2023) - we explore the shower sauce craze at the hotels but the front desk guy won't share his secrets , we try to sign up guys as dependents on our tax forms, a woman doesn't understand our issues as an Uber driver, we've been marinating in the bathtub, Dwight can't get servered at the bar cause hes hammered, and then Dwight quits the show early cause his sinus pressure reached a point of fuck you.
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