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Plan B Vitamins – 01/14/2023 Show

We’re trying to find a ample supply of Plan B to support the needs of the wife machines, we find out the fone is inside of me , the columbia house records is after us , the hotel room is leaning to one side , i can’t get a break after leaving the small room , the potato eaters can’t catch a break.

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Curse Of The Poverty Phone – 12/17/2022 Show

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Fornication In The Parking Lot – 12/10/2022 Show

did someone leave a message 10 years ago ? , Dwight The Sanitation Criminal makes an order, fucking on a professional level classes , Dewrite was a c-section baby , the christmas wrapping is aggressive , my dogs butthole is exposed , a gay devil demon is looking for boba tea , a man teaches me how to suck boba but i’m not gay , a man doesn’t orgasm right after prison , if you ain’t married you don’t sex in a hotel.

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Walk-In’s Only – 12/24/2022 Show

Faxing slices of cheese, woody is trying to protect kim from a childhood stalker , a junk car turns into a homophobiac conversation , we find out not taking reservations means i ain’t gay , an indian inn keeper threatens to kill Dwight, a gift is hidden inside a hotel bed, we try to scam hotels into crowd funding.

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TikTok Influencer: Will It Flush ? – 12/03/2022 Show

Shoutout to the Patreons , playing will it flush while live streaming on TikTok , we try to barter in order to get the cookies, finding out how the tractor seat smells , the ads of course are STILL UP , the poor people were using the restrooms.

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Don’t Forget The Lyrics – 11/12/2022 Show

We debut the “ring ring” song , we decide to read lyrics from different songs at people on the phone like a regular conversation, play a certain soundbite and pretend its something other then it really is.

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Drunk & Disorderly – 11/05/2022 Show

we have a weird sounder that goes off warning us about the dangers of giving out the bank accounts to strangers, football scores that nobody cares about are given out , the satanic pokemon cards are making their way around , a woman totally ignores the white devil and gives him no attention , the fem boy calls and leaves a message while i’m at the grocery store , our son was exposed to sex scenes and racism at the black adam movie, some crazy ass woman won’t let my son get his drone from her roof, the chickens are in the planet fitness lockers , were tacking on daylight savings time fees for the extra hour at motels, a $50,000 scratch off ticket winner is found but its not our room.

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Dwight Of The Living Dead – 10/29/2022

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The Adventures Of Old Gravel Mouth – 10/08/2022 Show

Under the table lotto scratchers are sold , a blind man falls down and up the stairs after not getting the kitchen job, the throne alert is very loud and used a shit ton , a stolen toyota is fucked up on purpose ,  the cat in the tunnels is  very hard to find , old gravel mouth almost gets me kicked out of college.

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We’re Taking The Neighborhood From You – 09/17/2022 Show

Dwight is angry and tired as fuck, Ted threatens to take the Indian restaurant food market out of the neighborhood, friends in high places need the hotel furinute gone , white men are given away , the sushi roll went for milk , 48 year old flirty woman , the metric gas tanks , were at the car wash trying to get it wet.

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