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Click one of the buttons below to start chatting in IRC.


For more help getting set up join the #help channel by typing: /join #help

Please wait patiently. We will help you as soon as possible!

NOTE: If you are unable to join the channel it’s because the channel is locked to registered users only. If you don’t already have an account then you will need to wait until the channel is unlocked.

NOTE #2: The KiwiIRC applet’s been permanently banned. You don’t receive the message most clients show. But if you’re trying to connect using that and it says you’re banned, that’s why! You aren’t actually banned, just the client! How to fix? Use Mibbit or get an IRC client.

You can also visit our Tinychat page here

Please Follow the Chat Rules:
1. PCN chat is not a democracy.
2. Do NOT be an asshole to other chatters.
3. Do NOT post any phone numbers in chat.
4. Do NOT spam any shows without permission.
5. No drama; it’s supposed to be funny.
        Using an IRC client?  Server:   Port: 6667 (SSL: +6697)     Channel: #main

Registering a new nickname:

Registration is closed!

Logging in with a registered nickname:

Step 1- Connect to the chat server using Your REGISTERED NICKNAME

Step 2- Type the following:

 /msg nickserv identify <password> [ENTER]

+ Replace <password> with Your Password
Example: /msg nickserv identify abc123


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