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Click one of the button below to start chatting in IRC.


Please Follow the Chat Rules:
1. PCN chat is not a democracy.
2. Do NOT be an asshole to other chatters.
3. Do NOT post any phone numbers in chat.
4. Do NOT spam any shows without permission.
5. No drama; it’s supposed to be funny.
        Using an IRC client?  Server:   Port: 6667 (SSL: +6697)     Channel: #main

Registering a new nickname:

You no longer need a registered account to chat!

Logging in with a registered nickname:

Step 1- Connect to the chat server using Your REGISTERED NICKNAME

Step 2- Type the following:

 /msg nickserv identify <password> [ENTER]

+ Replace <password> with Your Password
Example: /msg nickserv identify abc123


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