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June 15, 2019


The Braces Next Door

Dwight takes issue with all the noise next door being caused by the woman in braces with the midlife crisis. He and the front desk lady have a good chuckle trading stories about this woman. Thanks To Nik Caesar & MST3Claye for the great show art !

Make Sure To Listen Live ! Saturdays 10 PM EST 7 PM PST:





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  1. Daniel Onn
    Jun 27 2019

    Hello Brad,

    Can we do a prank call together to this pop-up bar in San Francisco!

    Please find their number. I live in the Silicon World um I mean Valley.

    I could play the role of the SF Health Department with an accent stating that we got a report of rat droppings in the drinks. You could tell them that you have to dig a hole to get to the sewer to stop the eats.

    I can do various accents. Perhaps if you like my foray of accents we can work together.



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